Friday 30 December 2011

Come In 2011, Your Time Is Up

From Draper's Record, January 1968.

Last post of this year should be devoted to the dominant subject of this blog so far - 1960's Peacock Revolution - a style in 1960's male fashion that marked a transition between a sharp elegance of Mod and colourful flamboyance of Hippy. So, here are some more photos of key designers, their amazing clothes, and their famous customers - the dandies of 1960's London.

Also I would like to thank all the readers and followers of this blog and wish you a happy new year!

Clockwise from left: Nigel Weymouth (designer behind Granny Takes a Trip), Rufus Dawson, Jess Down and Amanda Lear. 1968.

George Harrison wearing a jacket from Granny Takes a Trip, and Patti Boyd, 1967

Jimi Hendrix wearing a jacket from Granny Takes a Trip, 1967

John Crittle (right) - the designer and owner of Dandie Fashions, with his wife Andrea in 1967 (Photo by Philip  Townsend)

Brian Jones wearing a jacket from Dandie Fashions, 1967

Velvet suit from Blades (right) and Mr. Fish modelling his own design (left) in Vogue, January 1968. (Courtesy of Get some Vintage-A-Peel by Miss Peelpants )

James Fox wearing a shirt from Mr. Fish at the premiere of his film Duffy, 1968

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