Saturday 17 March 2012

Dandy in Aspic meets Mary Quant in person!

My girlfriend, me and Mary Quant, 16.03 2012.

It is not often you find yourself in such a close presence of your hero(ine), so we are still shaking from excitement. Yesterday evening, 77 - year old Mary Quant made a rare public appearance, giving an hour-long talk at the lecture theatre of Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The main subject of the talk, was of course, her career as a fashion designer in the 1960's. She is currently promoting her recently published autobiography. 

Although the book is titled Autobiography it is not a traditional autobiography (some might remember that Mary Quant had already written one - Quant by Quant published in 1966). Indeed, one has an impression that more appropriate title of  the book would be "World according to Mary Quant". It is a collection of thoughts and reflections on such diverse subjects as Dogs, Food in France or Position of Women,dominant subjects, of course, being fashion and 1960's. Each chapter is  two, three pages long, and each usually contains a humorous anecdote. It is a warm, witty and very interesting account of a career of  the most important fashion designer of 1960's. 

After the talk, Mary Quant was signing copies of Autobiography. My girlfriend and I were thrilled when she agreed for us to have our photo taken with her. And our signed copy is gonna be one of our most cherished possessions. 

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