Sunday 9 June 2013

Small Faces - 1960's Peacock Style Icons

Small Faces photographed by Gered Mankowitz in 1968

For some reason, I've never devoted much space to Small Faces in here, so it's about time I did a little post about them. Not only they were one of the best British bands of the 1960's, but they were also one of the best dressed bands of that era. Although undoubtedly the mod icons - Steve Marriott deserves a nickname 'Modfather' much more than Paul Weller - they remained a great-looking band even after Mod style went out of fashion. It is rumoured that during their existence, the band would spend roughly about £12.000 on clothes each year. Although this figure  simply must be an exaggeration - £12.000 in the mid-Sixties was an equivalent of around £270.000 today - Small Faces certainly were very frequent visitors to Carnaby Street and King's Road. Here, I've put up some of my favourite photos of Small Faces as well as some original ads and articles from 1966 - 1968 period, when Marriott and co. abandoned Mod fashions and 'went psychedelic'. 

Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane shopping in Carnaby Street during last days of Mod in 1966

Covers of Rave magazine from 1966-1967 featuring Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane and female friends

Kenney Jones circa 1966

Ronnie Lane in 1966. I love that double-breasted jacket he's wearing..

Shot from FAB 208 magazine, April 1967
Small Faces poster in Record Mirror, 1967

Small Faces in Jackie, 1967

TV performance, 1967

Small Faces in Top Pops, 1967. I love Ian McLagan's shirt.

Press ad for Small Faces' first album
NME article about Small faces shared house in Pimlico, 1966

Small Faces performing 'Tin Soldier' on German TV show The Beat Club in 1967. I love Steve Marriott's frilly shirt..
Small Faces in their psychedelic gear, 1967

Marriott and Lane onstage, 1967

Happiness is a Small Face - article on Small Faces in Mirabelle, 1967

Pop Romance - Article in Rave magazine about Steve Marriott's short-lived affair with Chrissie Shrimpton - younger and prettier sister of Jean (and Mick Jagger's ex), 1967.

Steve Marriott and Chrissie Shrimpton, 1967

During a photoshoot for a cover of There Are But Four Small Faces, 1967

Press ad for There Are But Four Small Faces, 1967

Ronnie Lane, 1967

Steve Marriott, 1967

Ian McLagan marries Ready Steady Go dancer Sandy Sargent, 1968

Small Faces on the cover of NME during the release of the single 'Lazy Sunday', April 1968

Steve Marriott's Diary.....

Small Faces photographed by Gered Mankowitz, 1968

I'll end with my favourite Small Faces song - 'Understanding'. It's an ultimate 'feelgood' song. There's so much power in Steve Marriott's vocals...why was this song only a B-Side to 'All Or Nothing', I will never understand..

Source of the photos:  Paolo Hewitt, Small Faces - The Young Mods' Forgotten Story,London, Acid Jazz, 1995
 Uncut Magazine, Mojo Magazine


Catherine said...

Love the Small Faces! I cant expect them to wear anything else while singing songs like Itchycoo park

Sarah said...

Great pictures, I just love the Small Faces!

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Unknown said...

Excellent site for Small Faces fans.

I wish I could have been there in 66 to see them live. A high point of English culture.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great archive of Small Faces memorabilia.

Such a great decade for English pop culture the sixties. Had a small resurgence in the 90's with with Britpop, but the artists of the sixties did it first and did it better.

Happy days

StellaTennantFreak said...

This blog is the most! I was a teenager in Philadelphia during this era and followed the London scene the best I could. Philly's scene wasn't bad, either.