Saturday 17 September 2011

Mellow Yellow

Here are some photos my girlfriend and I took recently in her flat. The amazing yellow dress is from Velvet Cave. 


Leah said...

Well isn't that the grooviest yellow flat?! Love the posters on the wall including "Head" and "Barbarella." Your girlfriend's dress is adorable.

Psychedelicsister said...

These are fantastic!

It's just a Monday said...

You guys look absolutely fantastic!!

Your girlfriend is a complete doll!!!

BIG LOVE for the 60's so I will popping back to see you again :D


Stephanie Scarpa said...

Oh, your girlfriend is so pretty!

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Rebecca said...

The lead singer of The Seekers (Georgy Girl) had a trademark of wearing yellow. Very classy!

Nicole said...

Fuck 21st century, you live in the mid 60s, that is all so awesome! :)

Perdita Tinsel said...

Just discovered your blog via Pennt Dreadful's... I adore that flat, so bright!

That dress is wonderful- it suits your girlfriend so well...what I like best is it almost looks like the flat were painted to match her outfit, which would have been insanely decadent and thus totally worth it.

Call me Riku said...

Cool flat! What's the name of the book with the psychedelic John Lennon shot on?

Peter said...

Thank for the nice comments everybody!

The book is called "Avedon The Sixties" and it's a great photo album containing, not surprisingly, Richard Avedon's work from the period 1960 -1969.