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Dave Davies - 1960's Peacock Style Icon

Dave Davies  is mostly known for his guitar riffs in such Kinks' classics as "You Really Got Me" and "All Day And All Of The Night"As a songwriter, Dave always stood in the shadow of his older brother, Ray. But his skills as a guitarist, perfectly complemented Ray's brilliant songwriting, making them one of the most dynamic duos in popular music history.
However, the aim of this post is not to talk about Dave Davies - the musician, but to say a few words about his very flamboyant dress sense in 1960's.
As far as fashion goes, The Kinks were in the avant-garde.  In late 1964,while most of other London groups were sporting sharp, minimal Mod style (usually designed by John Stephen), The Kinks were wearing more dandified clothes - Victorian style morning jackets and frilled shirts (sometimes combined with riding boots). This was one of the first sights of Peacock look, which became so popular in London around 1966. Dave Davies remembers: When we first started, me and Pete Quaife (Bass Player) we were as much into clothes and fashion as we were into music. Pete was a graphic artist and we used to go out and look at clothes and draw them (
Dave Davies was a regular customer in Carnaby Street and King's Road boutiques. He took Peacock style to the extremes , mixing epochs and centuries - from Victoriana , through Regency to 18th Century court dress. His clothes and his trademark Oscar Wilde-style haircut made him possibly the most eye- catching male pop star of 1960's Swinging London.     

Performing his song, "Death of the Clown" in an outfit inspired by 18th century court dress, 1967.

Cover of Dave's solo EP from 1967

From the same photoshoot...1967

The Kinks, 1965

The Kinks with Mike Nesmith (far left), 1966

 Dave Davies, 1966

Dave Davies modeling for Terylene adverts, 1966.

From the photoshoot for a cover of Dave's solo EP, 1967 

With female fans, 1967

Riding horses through London with The Kinks, 1967

The Kinks, September 7 , 1964 - soon after their first number one, "You Really Got Me"

Dave Davies, early 1965

Dave Davies, 1965


Dave Davies, 1966

Dave Davies on the covers of Dutch teen magazine, 1966-1967



Dave Davies, 1967

Dave Davies, 1967

The Kinks, 1967

The Kinks, 1967


Pete Quaife and Dave Davies performing on The Beat Club, 1967

Cover of an album released in 2007 , containing Dave Davies' solo tracks from late 1960's.

Brilliant Kinks' song, written and sung by Dave, "Mindless Child Of Motherhood" - a B-side to their 1969 single "Drivin' "


Dave Davies, 1974

Ray and Dave in Konk studios, early 1970's


Images scanned from various issues of  Mojo and Uncut.

Also, many thanks to God Save The Kinks Tumblr

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Leah said...

I've noticed how stylish The Kinks would dress, but never realized they were so interested in fashion. Great photos!