Wednesday 17 April 2013

Ilustrations In Valentine Magazine, 1971

Recently, I got a few issues of Valentine  - a magazine for teenagers from late 1960's/early 1970's. Like every teen magazine, Valentine was full of silly love stories, features on fashion and articles about teen idols. But the distinctive feature of Valentine were their 'comic serials'. Normally I am  not a fan of comics, but these have a great, psychedelic vibe to them and pretty well recreate fashions of the era. They were created by illustrators  Tony Baldwin, Valerie Witton and Chris White. Here I want to show some of the best bits. 

 The girl in the comic above slightly resembles Anna Karina..

'Obligatory' acne lotion ad

'Obligatory' horoscope..

'Obligatory' fashion feature on midi skirt (It's 1971, after all..)

More fashion...

 Kipper tie..

 Bell sleeves..

 Back cover of  January 1971 issue

(Scanned from Valentine magazine, issues 23 Jan 1971 and 27 Feb 1971)


Lucy in the Sky said...

Just like the comics in the teen annuals my mother got when she was younger. Such beautiful illustrations.

Michelle said...

LOL, can't believe I was trying to remember the name of this magazine only last week and then, voila, here it is :)

Used to love Valentine along with Jackie and any other cheesy teen magazine I could lay my hands on.

My mum always jokes my idea of a good holiday was at a place where I could buy a big stack of girls' comics, and near a sweetshop with good chocolate.

Actually, I don't think I've changed that much, except it's now near a good bookshop and a cafe with great cakes and lattes :)

Sarah said...

Such beautiful illustrations, the clothes are fabulous!

Rebecca said...

There was a separate Valentine Pop Special for a few years. They had some comics with a popular song and it's performer as the theme, but mostly it was photos and text of singers, musicians and DJs.