Thursday 2 May 2013

Deep Purple wearing clothes by Mr. Fish, 1968

Before Deep Purple established themselves as a hard rock band in early 1970's , they started off as one of the most promising psychedelic/progressive acts in Britain. Their 1968-1969 line-up with Nick Simper on bass and Rod Evans on vocals recorded two great heavy psych albums inspired by what bands like Vanilla Fudge or Iron Butterfly were doing around the same time. When they scored their first American number one hit with 'Hush', they invested in some new clobber at Mr. Fish's boutique.As Jon Lord (far right in the photo above) remembers:  That leather coat cost more than I'd earned in my entire life. It was all bought one mad afternoon at Mr. Fish. Working-class lads being dressed by a top designer, we weren't going to say no. We wanted to be a progressive band but we didn't know how. I remember thinking it was the most wonderful time, with total freedom (Uncut, Issue 163,December 2010, p 16).

 Here's some more photos of psych-era Deep Purple from 1968-1969..

From left: Rod Evans, Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, Nick Simper, Ian Paice. (1968)

Rod Evans and Jon Lord wearing what looks like the same kaftan, 1968

Deep Purple, with Ritchie's and Jon's girlfriends, Dorchester Hotel, London, 1968


Deep Purple Mk I doing a psych/prog version of Beatles' 'Help!' in 1968. I love that coat Ritchie Blackmore is wearing...


Monkey said...

Great pictures. I interviewed Nick Simper years ago about his Deep Purple days. Might dig it out and repost it.

Wilthomer said...

On the Deep purple subject, have you ever seen the pic of Ian Gillian and Justin Hayward from '67 wearing some ludicrously patterned gear from a modelling shot?

Peter said...

Yeah I know that pic. They are wearing psychedelic kaftans. Who were they modelling for? Was it a fashion ad? There's not much information about that photo..

Rasmus Heide said...

Excellent piece - even if Jon Lord is far RIGHT in the top photo. Thanks.