Saturday 25 May 2013

More Swinging London Boutiques

 To Jump Like Alice boutique, 1967

Here's some more photos of cool 60's London boutiques..

Exterior and interior of King's Road boutique Just Looking, 1967

Interior of Way In boutique (part of Harrods)

Inside the Carnaby Street boutique Take Six, 1966

To Jump Like Alice, 1967

Very rough-looking owners of Battersea boutique Linda And Carol, 1966

Chelsea boutique The Shop, 47 Radnor Walk, 1967
According to Gear Guide 1967: The Shop has been there for two and a half years. All the clothes are designed by Maurice Jeffrey and are made on the premises. Trouser suits (all fully lined), including skirts, range from six pounds ten shillings up to ten guineas. Floral coats, of varying lenghts, cost about seven guineas. Light fabric dresses cost as little as two pounds ten shillings up to three pounds ten shillings.

Pop-Art mini outside The Shop, 1967

Carnaby Street, circa 1969

Source of the images: The Sixties by Lesley Jackson, The 60's by Bill Harry, Gear Guide 1967 (reprinted in 2013). 


Ana said...

How amazing would be if there was least one shop like that still around? Just looking is brilliant and I'd love to own that shirt/jacket from To Jump Like Alice xxx

Catherine said...

I love the name 'To jump like Alice'. I assume its a reference to Alice jumping down the rabbit hole into Wonderland? And the window for The Shop is lovely. It would have been to good to see in colour

Lucy in the Sky said...

I really loved this post. It excites me so much to see more pictures of more boutiques that I haven't yet seen before. There is something about the fashion boutiques of the 1960's that just can't be found in the fashion stores that are around these days.

Brooklyn Boutiques said...

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